Our Team


Our CEO is a former US Marine who worked with HMX-1 Presidential Security, earning his Presidential Service Badge for honorable service to the White House. He traveled worldwide with President Bush Sr. and President Clinton. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Business, he became a Counter Intelligence Officer (CI HUMINT) in the US Army, earning the rank of Captain. After leaving the Army, he worked as a private contractor, in team lead and management positions, with multiple deployments to the Middle East and Africa, amongst other worldwide locations. He owned and operated an international staffing, training, and logistics private military company for six years, grossing over 17 million dollars in contract awards. He has worked in operations and business development in the international business platform for over a decade.


Our COO is an accomplished security executive with over 25 years in civilian law enforcement, military, private contracting, and executive management. As a combat veteran of Operation Just Cause and Desert Storm, he brings four years of law enforcement, ten years of US Army Airborne Ranger / Jump Master, and over ten years of high threat security management experience. He has held numerous supervisory close protection/security positions and senior management roles ranging from a Detail Leader, Project Manager, Country Manager, and Director of Operations, successfully managing business units and operations in high threat environments. He coordinated the preparation of proposals, business plans, work statements and specifications, operating budgets, and financial conditions of contracts. He acted as primary customer contact for program activities, leading program review sessions with customers to discuss cost, schedule, and technical performance. He has also earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.


Our President is recognized as an industry sector expert and thought leader, he provides straightforward, in-depth market engagement and business development expertise to a compelling range of US and international clients by applying a rigorous and transparent approach to matching capability to opportunities that suit client needs, extract tangible results, and create long-term value. A United States Naval Academy graduate, and a Gulf War veteran, his distinguished military service included leadership positions of high visibility, accountability, and responsibility in a extensive range of United States Navy command, tactical, operational, and staff assignments. His experience with established principles, such as, concentration of force, unity of command, effective leadership, and detailed operational planning, adds tremendous business value by cultivating relationships, asserting presence, and leading with authority. Additionally, he has cultivated an effective and reliable network of senior personnel relationships within the public and private sectors who can be relied upon to provide up-to-date and relevant strategic B2G/B2B clarity on current trends and expected future developments, reducing the time, costs, and risks associated with business growth. His responsibilities include, but are not limited to determining urgent acquisition and channel needs, coordinating partnership alliances, and providing decision-making market intelligence.


Our President of Africa and Demining operations brings more than 30 years of experience on the Africa continent. An accomplished global security and management expert with over three decades of extensive experience in managing high-risk and remote area projects. He spent 19 years as a top-level Counter Intelligence Officer/Manager with a high focus on close protection, security, and counterintelligence, in addition to 16 years as a security expert for clients in the private sector. He has specialized in risk assessment/mitigation within high-risk projects. He is an exemplary leader and manager, able to influence and motivate staff and fellow workers with considerable ease. He possesses a solid operational understanding of the correlation between society, procedures, and the use of equipment, along with security design measures. He is a Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP). He is currently a Certification Role of Honor member of the International Security Management Institute (ISMI) of the United Kingdom. He also holds bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and History.


Our President of Africa Logistics is an accomplished security executive with over 25 years of experience in the African area of operation. He has been involved in the private military contracting arena for over 15 years, supporting US military deployments and activities in the Middle East and Africa. As an international business executive, he has networks and sub-offices in Beijing, Dubai, Washington DC, Seoul, Nairobi, Kampala, Freetown, Accra, Monrovia, and Lagos. With a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Cities, he heads up our basecamp construction, camp support services, and land logistics.


Our Regional Director of East Africa is an accomplished security executive with over 25 years of experience in the East African area of operation. He has substantial experience in risk management and logistics related to oil, gas, and mining projects throughout the East African region. While employed by a well-known PMC, and quickly rose through the ranks to become the Director and Country Manager of both Tanzania and Kenyan operations. During his tenure, he gained overall control and report experience related to cash and valuables in transit, cash solutions, close protection, static, and medical response. He also worked as the Director of Maritime Operations in Mombasa, serving as the Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) for another PMC before establishing a security and logistics company. He has provided security solutions for both land-based and maritime projects across East Africa and the Indian Ocean, including rescue and negotiation tasks and embedded project risk management and mitigation. He is highly regarded amongst his industry colleagues for his professionalism and dependability. He is an ASIS member, a Governance Risk Compliance Security International member (GRCSI), and a full member of the International Association of Maritime Security Professionals (IAMSP).


Our Regional Director of Eastern Europe is a military, security, and Eastern European business professional with over 30 years of experience. After four years of study in Poland’s Military College, he served as an officer in the Polish GROM. While a member of GROM, he climbed through the ranks to become Squadron Commander obtaining the rank of LT Colonel. As Squadron Commander, he conducted numerous missions cooperating with units like his, such as Delta Force, US Navy SEAL’s, SAS, and SBS. Under his command, his GROM Squadron conducted the successful apprehension of war criminal Slavko Dokmanovic of former Yugoslavia. He was awarded the Distinguished National Cross for Bravery, Silver Cross of Service, and Silver Wings of GROM. He left GROM in 2005 to work for the top industry PMC’s conducting hundreds of advances, improving and modifying SOP’s while commanding and training numerous industry security contractors.


Our Regional Director of South America is an accomplished security executive with over 30 years of experience in the South American area of operation. He trained in the Chilean Navy, where he served for ten years, after which he served in Iraq, fulfilling functions of management in static and PSD roles. He served two service tours in Haiti and one in Guatemala, serving as a National Security Coordinator. He holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Commercial Engineering and another in Business Administration. He also completed an Advisory Certification in private security. As the founder and general manager of a security and logistics firm in Santiago, Chile, he has developed new protocols in areas of private security for the Chilean Government. His greatest strengths are leadership, organizational management, recruitment, and business development.


Our Director of Domestic Training has led a successful career for over 25 years in the military, civilian law enforcement, and personal protection details. He has led and trained teams in both conflict areas and domestically. He has directly trained and had oversight for the training of US law enforcement officers, US military personnel, and foreign military personnel. While in the US Army, he was a Tactical Psychological Operations Team Lead in 01F-i and received a Bronze Star for heroic service in a combat zone. After his Army and Law Enforcement careers, he worked in the private security sector for a well-known PMC. There he also excelled; he set up and led the first DOS protection contract in Baghdad, remote offices, and DOS personnel up to the ambassador. His dedication to duty and outstanding work ethic did not go unnoticed or unrewarded. He went through the ranks to the Iraq Country Manager, where he led and managed over 400 personnel. He has also earned his bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science.


Our Director of International Training is a professional business developer and project manager with over 25 years of overseas hands-on operations in Asia, the Middle East & Africa. He has a wealth of experience working in remote and hostile regions, delivering trilingual training packages to corporations in oil and gas, mining, maritime, Government, United Nations, and non-governmental organizations. Able to work under extreme pressure while maintaining clear given objectives, to a high international standard, in line with defined operational compliance. Designing, mentoring & implantation of SOP’s, emergency response & evacuation plans, crisis management, and risk analysis coupled with commercial and operational contracts management. He is a lecturer at universities and international organizations on CBRNE, risks management, and response teams. He conducted HUMINT operations in East Asia for 18 years and is an Explosive Ordinance Technician specializing in Counter Improvised Explosive Devices and Improvised Explosive Device Disposal.


Our Director of Administration is a forward-thinking and versatile individual who spent over eight years working directly under the Director of Operations for a well-known industry PMC. With minimal supervision, she supported ongoing operations and the startup of new contracts. She excelled in resolving employer challenges with innovative solutions, systems, and process improvements that increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line. She assisted in completing contract proposals and served as the Casualty Assistance Call Officer (CACO). While managing the company Technical Assistance Agreement through SOCOM and ensured the adherence of export compliance regulations. Completed and managed the coding bills and invoices for commercial and DOS contracts. She worked on multiple company projects while implementing objectives and adhering to strict deadlines. She was trained in ISO 9001, HIPAA Masters, and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). She was consistently lauded upon by supervisors higher for her “Outside the Box” and “KISS” mentality of thinking. She also graduated from the Gemological Institute of America and is a Graduate Gemologist.