Providence Group provides construction, architectural and engineering services as well as operational and maintenance services in both high and low risk environments. We support and utilize an integration of energy conservation and environmentally friendly products and practices in maintenance protocols and procedures.


 – Domestic
Providence Group has received Commercial and Government Entity Code 88D82. We can provide both the US Federal Government and the private sector clients alike with qualified personnel, machinery, fire resistant uniforms and boots, personal protective equipment, potable water and food services, and other life-sustaining goods and support.

– Internationally
Through our vast network of worldwide vendors, Providence Group can provide, in a rapid and cost-efficient manner, all necessary equipment to complete the client mission at hand. We can procure from both the US and local/regional sources the uniforms, boots and tactical gear required. We can also supply the client with ammunition, body armor, and other needed items at competitive rates.


Airplane Charters, Heavy Lift Helicopter, and Ground Transport.


Providence Group offers personnel from the security, engineering, medical, construction, mechanical, agricultural and general labor fields. All personnel are properly vetted to include passports, immunizations, physical testing, medical physicals, criminal background/ INTERPOL and psychological tests. We carefully maintain an international network of highly trained, meticulously selected personnel, enabling personnel to be deployed rapidly and efficiently across the globe at any time and in any situation. Read more about lucky pharaoh. Our unique commitment to meeting the needs of its personnel ultimately benefits the client in the form of a truly world-class staff.

Operational Maintenance

Providence Group can provide General Purpose Tent Systems, Crew, Command Post, and Extreme Weather Tents. We can also supply Base Camps of a more permanent nature like Tiny Houses and Container System Housing. In our countries of access, we can provide local support, including:
Reliable access to clean and safe water > Provisions > Communications > Solar Energy > Comprehensive Security Service


One of our PG owners is also our primary consultant on the African continent. He has been involved in security and intelligence there for the past 30 years. His advanced risk assessment and mitigation skills combined with his business security expertise has resulted in a major positive impact on the personnel and assets of clients and companies he has represented. His knowledge of the African continent makes him an excellent practitioner to conduct SRA studies/ intelligence reports and mitigation procedures throughout the African continent. SRA team members will be hand selected by him as well. PG also has the capabilities to perform SRA’s throughout South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Providence Group provides the following K-9 services:
> Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)
> Drug Detection Dogs
> Mine Detection Dogs (MDD)
> Patrol Dogs (Attack dogs
> All K-9s are tested to UN standards which are higher than State Department and DOD.
For K9 Manpower, Providence Group also provides trained, highly skilled and certified K-9 operators that can be deployed on short notice. Providence Group has ability to train foreign nationals as K-9 operators during the same time that K9’s are being trained.

Providence Group provides integrated security services including:

  • Fixed site and mobile protection
  • High-threat protection
  • Security assessments and planning
  • Information and data security
  • Offshore & waterborne security
  • Providence Group’s goal is to ensure your people, information and assets are protected.